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Beginning of June can be rough for me given that my son's birthday and my anniversary.  My wife and kids love to eat processed foods.  I do not mind it but the older I get the more my body gets mad at me for eating them.  So I decided immediately after the celebrating was over that it was time to start making my dinners.


this usually means I go through the freezer and look to see what I have and determine what I need to get from the store if anything.


In no particular order, this is what I have made for dinner recently with notes.


Pan fried small mouth in Weber Old bay seasoning (top) and Cajun (bottom) fried in Olive oil.  Get the oil hot and fry the top of the filet to get it a little crispy and then flip and reduce heat to simmer for the back.  If these are extra thick fillets it is important to have a lid.  These were served over Green Giant rice pilaf which is good for rounding out the meal but may have a little too much sodium for my liking.


Rocky bass finger size pan fried in olive oil and covered in Lefty's coating patted dry of oil and eaten with Heinz tartar sauce.


Blue gill (like above)


Crappie (like above)


Walleye ( thanks Justin) coated in Lefty's, fried in oil and served over rice pilaf.


Pheasant Marsala - breast meat marinated in caribean jerk seasoning and pan fried well.  Sliced Button mushrooms (I used frozen wegmans or use fresh - not canned) Fried and I also got a steamable rice mixture.  A bottle of Marsala wine to taste.  So to make the mixture, instead of using flour and water, I use lefty's and as it thickens I add all ingredients into the pan and reduce all heat and then add wine to get the flavor that "I" prefer.


Roast venison (pulled pork style)  Neck roasts use to be a pain but for the past several years, I have discovered that all I need to do is slow roast them all day in a beer/water with 4 bay leaves garlic and pepper.  The meat will fall off the bone and shred nicely.  From here I put in a mixing bowl and add hot sauce and barbecue sauce.  Reheat if necessary and jam between your favorite roll and eat it like pulled pork.  I didn't get any turkeys this year but this is an excellent way to cook the drumsticks too.


Pan broiled/fried Mahi Mahi in weber zesty lemon seasoning and olive oil.  finish with Garlic butter.  Both obtained at Wegmans.  served over a bed of grilled asparagus (from Mom's).


Pike balls - chunks of boneless pike coated in Lefty's fried in olive oil and served with tartar sauce and finished with Mom's home made Strawberry Rheubarb pie.


A lot of these are easy and some a very quick.  Next time you think you do not have the skill or the motivation to do this (like my brother) remember that this doesn't necessarily have to be wild game or wild caught fish.  Substituing is easy.  Sorry, you can't have my Mom's homemade baked goods.


Eat well my friends,



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Can I come over for supper on the nights your cooking!!! Sounds great BS I'm the cook under our roof and our family loves the wild game and fish,especially when I deep fry bass and walleye, my one daughter isn't a fish eater but she likes walleye deep fried in peanut oil and beer battered

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I choose not to worry about it.  Like lead, Like asbestos.  (even rattle snakes) I respect things that will kill me but I don't let them scare me.  There is nothing wrong with the guidelines that the DEC provides.  There is also nothing I can see that is right about them.  Being a researcher, I want to see the entire scientific method and the data before the report and debate why they did it that way and not like I would.  I want to know why an entire fish is tested when I only eat the chef trimmed portion.


Where I work, they take the acceptable exposure limits and take at least half of that as a standard.  If that number is safe than this number is even safer mentality.  I can go into LD 50 numbers but they are not even that accurate.  I am at 200lbs so it is probably pretty easy to figure out but figuring in the amount of chemo I had and extended drug use (illicit or legal) it becomes much more complicated. 


My advice is to know your body of water.  If you think it is unclean and the DEC says don't eat the fish, then don't eat it.  If you are thinking about it you won't enjoy it anyways so what is the pt.  I won't eat any resident fish from the lower Genny or the Hudson for example.  25 years ago I wouldn't even fish in some areas that I eat fish from now because of my pink moss rule.  "Don't drink where the moss grows pink"  The rivers are the cleanest they have ever been in my life.


MHO = You do more damage to your body eating farm raised fish than wild fish that may or may not have some form of contamination.  I can't argue with a person feeling insecure about eating wild fish.  If it is a feeling than you own it and that is legitimate.  I refuse to eat seafood from China and won't order it sometimes off a menu because it may be from there.  My feeling is their water quality is poor and they do not have governmental controls like we do in the US to ensure that the fish is raised appropriately.  How else can catfish raised in China be more than $1/lb cheaper than US?


What I meant (was trying) to say was "I appreciate your concern but I choose to be ok with it"  Thanks, Joe

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I agree with bsmaster about whole fish being used in determining recommendations for consumption and the overall increase in water quality in the state. That being said, I meticulously trim fat from fillets, remove lateral lines and belly meat. I have a few backup recipes that don't require the deep fryer but when I do fry only reuse the oil a couple or three times.

I prefer non frozen fish, so there are times it's two or three meals a week if I've got them. Some times none for a month. All about averages.

Still lovin life!

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