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Headed to waneta today

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I don't know if news of the flash floods in the southern part of the fingerlakes reached up your way.  There was talk of the lakes being shut down until next week.  I am debating on where to go tomorrow and may head to PA.  Good news is there won't be any yahoos on the water.  Good luck never tried it but I think you want to stay on the East side.


From the lake association...


From Terry Allison-President LWLA
Sheriff Yessman and I agree that by SATURDAY morning the lakes can be reopened with a boat speed of 5mph. The lake level is still quite high, but most docks are beginning to be seen again. He will place a deputy on the lakes to enforce the speed limit. He has toured around both lakes and finds that Waneta Lake is less debris filled than Lamoka where there continues to be debris floating in the waters. As you re-enter the waters, please continue to pick up debris on your rides up and down the lakes to make our waters safer for boat travel. REMEMBER THAT UNTIL YOU HEAR FROM ME AGAIN, THE SPEED LIMIT IS 5mph. I want to thank all of you for your patience during this difficult time. Thanks for staying off the lakes till things got better. You are truly the caretakers of our beautiful lakes.yet another one!

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I know in years past the bass opener is a nightmare at the launch with the 5 mph limit on the lake it might not be so crowded but there is usually a bass tournament on opening day if yer trolling my best luck has been from the Boy Scout camp to the inn good luck

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