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Value for old outboards


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Everyone, I need your wisdom on some old outboards. Since I was a teenager I've been collecting a few of these things thinking that I would restore them. I've since let go of that and want to unload them. The first two are old Evinrudes. 


The policy in the classified section is that you need to state a price, but I have no idea. I worked for weeks as a teenager cleaning out a guys basement and doing yard work for a boat and motor - and have no handle on value. I sold the boat without the motor and now have these left. 


The SportTwin ran 5 years ago, no idea when the Aquasonic last ran. 


Any Idea what these are worth? Do you want to buy them?








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You can do some research on Craigslist and the like. If I was selling the Evinrudes, I would start in the range of $350.00 or so, provided they have the gas tanks with them. The Champion and Elgin would be less than that.

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I have two 5 hp , One is a neptune with no reverse you had to turn the motor 180.  twin cyd, lots of brass.   the other is a old Johnson, same vintage as the neptune.   I would love to know what they are worth also

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