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Slide diver depth?

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Can someone please fill me in and give me a rough idea what the slide divers dive to on the different settings. I have ran them this year with some success but I'd like to take a little of the guess work out of it. Thanks.

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Google it - they have a link on their website for depths.


It comes out to approx. 1' of depth for every 3' out. This is for mono line, I think about 2.2 mph, #3 setting with a spoon


Good luck,



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Website has info on wire, braid and mono for different lure options. I picked up a laminated copy at a show which I keep on the boat. I also made a rough comparison to dipsey numbers and I mark my slide divers with a magic marker with the dipsey 1 2 3 numbers- helps when I'm running dipsey's low and slide diver high. Would be a lot easier if they had same scale.

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