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"Stayin' on the ropes is a beautiful thing..."

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Pim is my son's best friend and has become like a second son to me (Happy Fathers day guys). Pim stayed on the ropes with this heavyweight and the rope a dope proved him victorious with his 3rd ever fish. This slob inhaled a hair rig with sweet corn. He chummed him in with a couple cans of niblets. This was an epic battle but Pim was patient, took the poungding and wore him down. Pim's George Foreman is a solid 35, maybe 40. Pim decided he would like to honor a nice fisherman with the fish. He is hooked forever. To all the dads, THIS is what it's all about! Larry





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Big fish, big fight, big fun.  Great job on landing it, if a nice fight like that doesn't hook him on fishing not much will.

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