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Canandaigua 6/20 Canandaigua

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Good day early, fairly light boat traffic and jiiged Lakers for a couple hours. Got fish of all sizes from 16" up to the low 30's. Picked up a couple guys at 2:30 and went back to jigging without much succes so decided to troll at about 4:00 and had pretty steady action over the next two hours with a mix of Bows and Lakers. Bows all came on small sticks and lakers were a spoon bite down 50-60ft. Danny Wegman was drifting in his Gucci boat right on my contour line so we cut in shallower and hit a spectacular air bound bow right of his stearn. The first two jumps really got their attention followed by a standing ovation when the bow hit the net. Water clarity is still poor and debris was not easy to fish through. Mostly small sticks and weeds but there was some bigger branches as well.post-145978-0-95752500-1434900730_thumb.jpg

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