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Kingston salmon fishing

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Hey guys I'm coming to Kingston area first or second week of August what's the best area to fish salmon? Will have a boat that can get out on the lake. Whats a good bait setup to use. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Tom

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I would not go out of Kingston to fish at Main Ducks unless you have a 24ft. boat or larger. I have fished there, but had a scary 22 mile adventure back to Kingston. It was dead calm going out, but it can get ugly in a hurry


I would strongly suggest going to Wellington (Prince Edward County) amd fish Scotch Bonnet or Salmon Point area. Both are less than 10 miles away.


I believe if your fishing for Salmon I too suggest meat if you can purchase it, a lot of the fellows use Mikey Rockets in place of meat and work just as well or better.


Regardless where you go for good luck and be safe.

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