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A good one while casting for walleyes on Lake Thompson.

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post-150571-0-19732700-1434918196_thumb.jpgHey guys, here is South Dakota 15 pound, 37" gator I caught last night while fishing my favorite walleye spot on a bottle neck area between the main lake and a huge, shallow slough attached to it.  The Lake is called Thompson.  The lure I was casting was a blue and silver Rapala Husky Jerk.  Depth of water was 5.5'.  I also caught several nice walleyes in the 15"-18" range, and numerous white bass.  Fun night on one of my favorite home lakes. I also hooked the twin of that pike later on in the evening, on a jig and leech, but she cut me off, after a nice leap.  Most of the walleyes were actually caught on a 1/4 ounce fireball jighead tipped with a ribbon leech.

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