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Leads off the down rigger ball

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I have been told a basic rule of thumb is the 100 ft. rule. Ball down 30ft.....lure back 70ft.....ball down 80ft....lure back 20ft.This is just a broad generalization.lots of variables come into play.hope that helps.I ron flasher fly combos 8-10 feet off the ball from 60ft. down.

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For what its worth, last weekend we had a steelie take an Orange crush on a free slider on a 25 foot rigger. I could easily see the spoon, the slider leader was maybe 6 foot.

What kind on motor do you use?... A kicker or your main motor. I ask Because i wonder if noise plays a factor

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Depends on water clarity, calmness, cloudy day, sunny day, fish interest and currents.(down) You need to experiment  and keep a mental note on condition's or a log book.

On choppy days with cloudy water I rarely run my spoons longer then 20 feet from the ball regardless of depth. Don't be afraid to change this up when "The bite shuts off" sometimes longer or shorter leads make the difference.

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