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Bit of a late start.   On the water around 9.


Started in 180 fow and had nice marks and bait as we moved out to 240 or so.     Dipsy's out 90 trying for Steelhead, and riggers at 90, 70, 40 and 20.


Had a hit on the dipsy that took 40-50 feet before breaking off.    Next the 40' rigger went, ran for a bit and came up empty.    Rigger at 90 went, and boated a laker.   Rigger at

40 went off again, nobody home.


All this in the first 40 minutes, and I'm thinking game on.    Not so much.   After that, screen went dead for 2 hours.    Headed out to 350 with nothing to show, so headed back to 200 fow.

Hooked a small King 90' down, and that was it.


Surface temps were around 64-65.    Down temps at 40' was 60.    Didn't find colder water (50 degrees) until I hit 60'+ down.


Talked with a guy who started out in 400 fow with 2 small kings and a steelhead right off the bat, and then nothing else after that.


Boat lived up to it's name Blind Squirrel again....still feel like it's all luck, and no skill!




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