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Bossun cowboy and " The Great One " team up

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Bossun Cowboy captain of " Fish Reaper " and the great one teamed up this morning out of I bay . Started at 5:30 or so . Bossun had visiting guests from out of town and he asked if I would help him bring them out . " The Great One " ended 3 for 4 , small king off black and purple spoon down rigger , 10-12 pound king on green and white spinny off dipsey , and 8-9 pound steel off downrigger ak-47 spoon down 40 feet . Dipsey with moonshiner took a rip but no one home . Bossun did better than me , I'll let him tell his story . A very fun trip partnering up like that , I hope to do it again soon . We also had a ringer on the radio keeping us updated . I guess he did fairly well too . When I told him over the radio " how are you guys still moving rods , I can't get anything to fire ". The response was classic : " cause we're the DOUBLE D " . Thanks Double D and Bossun Cowboy .

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Had my buddy justin and his 9yr old son cole from GA on board today. Ended up landing 6/15, all 2 yr old kings and Buckeyes. Just couldn't seem to keep um buttoned up today. Butt we moved a lot of rods. All fish came from 180 to 250fow working the the top 60ft. FLT sea sick waddler was our hot spoon. 5 color and 10 color LC took shots all day along with the dipseys and downriggers.






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Nice chatting with you guys. We fished the 1st hour or so in tight for Browns but had no luck as water was 61 degrees from top to bottom. We moved out and checked temperature as we went.Set up in 250 FOW did our fish between 300-400 FOW 30-50 down.Riggers,dipsys and 200 copper all took fish.

Finished 9 for 12 with 2 small kings,2 Lakers and 5 steelhead.

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