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GOSD in a week! Can't wait but the fishing has sucked again early this season in the West end. Fishing aside, I'd be happy if someone could tell me theirs actually salmon left in the lake. I'm starting to wonder if the annual GOSD and fall river run fishing is taking its toll on the stocks. I'm no superstar out their, but I use to have 6-10 big fish days. Haven't had one of those for a couple of years now.

Good luck everyone

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IMO the lake trout are decimating the bait fish population putting downward

pressure on the KS's ability to survive : A Chinook salmon must eat ~ 4 days or starve LKs do not have this " handicap ".

KS average lifespan is ~ 4 years ; yet to see a clear lifespan for lake trout , heard 20+ years .

This is reflected " in spades " with the apparent inability to re-establish a

viable Atlantic Salmon fishery .

Dissenting opinions are welcome !

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I think there are some previous threads on here that discuss some of the points you mention in detail. There are a number of fishermen that think there is too much bait in Lake O right now. Chinook salmon are pretty much the apex predator in Lake O right now and they are real good at getting enough to eat :lol:. The life span for lakers may be 30 plus years from what I've  heard. They are a native cold water species whereas the chinook are much more of a warmer water species in their native habitat. In general colder water species usually have a slower growth rate and longer life spans than warm water species with higher growth rates although there are exceptions to that (e.g. sharks etc.). The situation of the Atlantics is a much more complicated puzzle than food sources and even the fisheries departments on both sides of the pond don't fully understand it although they have some ideas about what might be going on (e.g. spawning problems, stream access, competition factors etc. etc.). In any case it may not be just one thing but a whole complex of issues. Just my take on it others may have other views and points. As far as the fishing goes it is always off and on and June is traditionally a tough month for fishing before and while the temps are setting up. Depending on where you fish there have been some good salmon and steelie fishing results (and lakers) again "off and on" and locating the fish is nearly always at the heart of it. The next few weeks may tell more of the story when the thermocline and water temperatures fully set up.

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