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Barcelona last weekend...

Sluggo / NY

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We hit Barcelona last Friday thru Monday. Got there late Fri. morning.. lake was nasty.. played golf. Saturday was decent but the white bass drove us crazy.. had four on at once.. got a couple decent fish. Sunday was rough.. got worse as the day went on. Ended up much further east than I planned on and had to run back in solid four footers.. not a fun ride. Only got a couple more. Monday was perfect.. but very foggy. Almost ran into the perch boat as he was relocating his nets in the thick fog. Did our best on Monday with fourteen.. including a ten pound brown. For some reason the white bass weren't bad on Monday. Almost everything came on Renosky sticks behind dipsies run close to bottom. Bigger fish seemed to be pretty scattered.. but the smaller resident fish were active in shallower water. Hope to get out again in a few weeks. I'd attach a couple pictures if I could figure out this smarter than me i-pad! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

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same for me.  fished east of the harbor, up through brocton shoals.  All my walleye came off the dipsys + purple and chartreuse Renoskys run right along the bottom in 58-65fow.  Nothing hit up higher in the water column.  I wont even attempt to put out a worm harness with how bad the white perch are.....

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