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I-Bay - short AM trip 6/27/15

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We fished a three man crew - my buddies Jason and Chris, for a just a few hours on Saturday until it became a bit nasty and we pulled rods around 9 AM.


We fished north and east of the Bay mouth, and deeper (i.e. 300 fow +) was best. All of our action came in a volley between 7:00 and 8:00 AM, other than our last knock off pulling rods in 140' around 9.


We fished a top water program with two riggers at 50 and 55' with free sliders, two slide divers out 40 and 45', and junk lines including 300' copper, lead cores and a keel weighted spoon. That being said, all of our action came on the riggers and free sliders and one slide diver. The junk lines were cold.


We had 7 bites, but only managed to boat three given the wavy conditions and one break off.


The following all caught fish:


Fuller new Pink Chameleon (I think that's what it's called) cheated

Fuller Wonderbread on the slide diver

Fuller Mixed Veggie slider

NK standard 42 sec.


I attached a small video clip of a slide diver bite and simultaneous rigger bite that we failed to notice while fighting the steelhead. The rigger bite wound up breaking off (I remember deploying it and it seemed "funny" going down like it went limp for a second or two) and my guess is it was tangled in the probe or release. The salmon jumps out of the water about a dozen times (look in the distance on the starboard side in the video) and followed our boat for a few minutes trying to shake the hook. Moral of the story is don't be lazy like me - if something doesn't seem right when deploying a rod, pull it and start over.




Good luck,






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