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lead core line

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When I purchased my boat a few years back, the guy had a few poles setup with lead core line he threw in with the sale. The box from the lead core line says U.S. Line Co. I did a search but only get a phone number in Mass. I believe. Anyone know of a website, it seems like nice lead core, caught a few fish on it as well.

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Jiffy, US Line went out of business about 10 yrs ago. I used that line for about 20 yrs, tried everyone on the market and they couldn't hold a candle to thier leadcore.  A company called Woodstock tackle bought US line but they made a much weaker product. After about 2 yrs of using crappy leadcore I came across Leadcore made by Sufix Line, it is as good as the old US Line if not better, I use it in 18lb test, Purchased it from Gander Mountain also ordered it thru Cabelas. It's excellent for color retention and the colors are very contrast after each other, very easy to tell when one ends and the next color begins. Also has a nice braid over the lead for tying the leader directly inside the braid.  Good Luck , Bud

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