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Yankee @ the Oak 6/27 - Mixed Bag

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We were the first boat out of port because we knew it was going to be a bumpy afternoon. Only saw 3 other boats out and they were all charter boats. We fished a break that went from 63 to 57 on the 28-29 line. The bite was in the top 30'. Fist fish out there was a Salmon, next few were a great class of Steelbows. We picked up one over and one under Coho, and then we almost got spooled on a slide diver. Would have liked to see that fish! Most shots came on short wire divers 50-70'. Our stud was a Moonshine Carbon 14 on a 50' diver set on a 2.5. Not a great bite, and tough fishing conditions with the waves from the East. Stuck it out offshore until 11:30. Everyone else bailed, so we were out there solo. Had 6 in the box, lost 1, and tossed back a few shorts.


On the way in we realized the inside water were fish-able, so we looked for some Brown Trout, and in an hour went 1 for 2 on them with a great specimen to show for.


Spoons that took shots:


Carbon 14

DW Sea Sick Waddler

Stinger Wonderbread

Stinger UV Caramel Dolphin

Stigner UV NBK







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Those are all respectable fish Rick, but I'd wait an hour in between bites for Browns like that!!! Slammer brown bud, congrats to your day. I'm sure your clients were happy with that, I know I would be!!

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