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2015 SCS Big Fish Friday / Team List

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The Sandy Creek Shootout BFF event will be held Friday July 24th. Again this is a ONE fish tournament that can be any Salmon or Trout only. You may begin to weigh in at 2:30pm and You must be in line by 3:30pm or your catch will be DQ'd. This is a $50 cash ONLY tournament and must be in my hands no later than 8pm Thursday July 23rd. You may fish from any port for Fridays event (not Saturday). More info in line to come in the near future to make Friday's event as fun as possible. Feel free to contact me here or at 585-355-1509 (Matt) to get in or ask any questions.


1. Silver Fox

2. Addiction

3. Escape

4. Legacy

5. Live Action

6. Get The Net

7. Bear

8. Pull The Hook

9. Bear Creek Bandit

10. Wastin Away / DumAss

11. Nothing But Net

12. Jaeger / Jolly Roger

13. Justified

14. Double D

15. The Scottsman

16. Rigged

17. Screamin Reels

18. Rabid Weasel

19. Tomahawk

20. Maryland Boat

21. Blind Squirrel / Fired Up

22. My Mink

23. Lake Runner

24. Chasing Chrome

25. Gordy's Dream

26. Salmon Sweepers

27. Chasen Tail

28. Great Lakes Salt

29. Yankee Troller


1st. $600

2nd. $300

3rd. $200



6th. $80

7th. 50

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I just wanted to put this out there for people who will be fishing this weekend, the bridge on East Fork/ Rt.19 is out for construction. This bridge is located about 1000ft south of East Fork Pro Marine which is where the weigh in for BFF will be held. Attached is a very rough map for guys and girls who are not familiar with the area.post-148213-14373945913722_thumb.jpg

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Ok guys I have had a few questions come in as far as BFF goes. You may fish from any port tomarrow that you choose. This does NOT mean you have to arrive at Sandy at the end of your fishing day. (Next year may be different ). This is a ONE fish tournament that can be Trout or Salmon. Payouts will be based on the total number of boats entered at 1-4 ratio just like last year. This means 20 boats top 5 will get paid. All CASH needs to be in my hands no later then 8pm tonight ( Thursday 7/23). At 8 pm the final list of boats and number of payouts will be posted on this thread. If you want in get a hold of me today!

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Looks like it was a pretty good day. Should be an interesting day tomorrow. Being stuck working all weekend I'm looking forward to see how it all shakes out. Good luck to all.

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