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Slow day out of Sandy creek

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I have been consumed by bass fishing for the last few weeks so today was the first morning back on the big lake in a while. We started at 100' going north then it got foggy so we bailed and fought some smallest and a white perch in the mouth, once it cleared out We trolled out and and back from 80'-240' of water. (Zig-zagging as we went) We didn't mark much of anything. Caught a tiny king early and that was it... There was a really cool break at 200' the current was so strong it wanted to turn the boat, tons of debris swirling around. It was pretty neat to see though... One side the water was like glass and 3' away it was really choppy. I'm new to fishing out deep. Is this common? Either way it was a beautiful morning with my kid on the water! Hope everybody else had better luck... Any insight on depth they are at?

Thanks Ben

Poor little guy couldn't stay awake! LOL



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Well I like to say "cranking in all those fish tuckered out the little guy" but the long day might of got the best of him, either way it's nice to see the kids in fishing photos!!! Kudo's to you dad for taking him along, they don't really care as long as they think there're the big cheese going with dad on the big water!! Hopefully next time will have more action, nice post,

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