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Ibay 7/2 - We did they go?

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I got a later start than usual, on the water by 7, fished from 20 FOW to 600 FOW.  Used riggers, divers, leadcore and copper….spoons (many different colors/sizes), flies and meat.  I varied my speed, turned the AP off and did S-turns….and many other variations. Saw minimal bait, very few hooks; the hooks I did see were small.  

In close, the water was chocolate milk….fair amount of debris, a few small marks, but no takers.  Immediately outside of that, out to about 60-70 FOW was clear ice water.  After that, out to about 600 FOW surface was high 50s with 42 degrees at 50-70 ft down.
All I had to show for it was one nice steelhead (on my way trolling back in) and as evidence there was some bait, an alewife (yes I refreshed my meat rig).
They have to be some place, but I did not find them.  Could not even count on the “blind squirrel effect†yesterday…..err... maybe that was the steelhead!

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We were out this am from 5-9am and struggled as well.  Fish are scattered.  Worked 100-450.  My buddy brought in our 1st screamer of the year off a 10 color core w/custom Warrior.  19lbs.  Came at the 350 mark and it took awhile to get it in.  Picked up a 7lb laker off a dw superbread on the 60 rigger.  Finished with a tiny skipper on a dw orange tranny slider on that same rigger.  If it weren't for good conversation and that mature, it would have been boredom.


Surface temps 56-59, downspeed 2.8 give or take, and down temp on the 60 rigger at 48 give or take.  Dipsies never took a swing with flasher/fly combos.  Looks like a tough weekend.


Saw some boats circling the 130fow area on the way in.  Maybe they were onto something.

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