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Met up with buddy Eric this morning and we were set up in 200 fow at 5:45. We trolled from 200-470 fow without moving a rod. Eric made executive decision to pick up and run in in lieu of running back through the 'dead' water. That was the best decision as we did fish from 180-120 fow. 52 & 42 riggers with free sliders, and 3, 5 & 7 cores worked. Wonderbread, AK-47, Get'r done, and Mixed veggies spoons. 2.8 down speed best in 48 degree water. Ended at 11 going 6 for 7, 2 Atlantics (14.5# & 7#), 2 small kings, 1 laker and 1 brown. Highlight of the morning was the big Atlantic, it put on a huge aerial show for us. Still in shock after catching one last week.

Happy 4th






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nice report,congradulations on the atlantic.back in the 90 "s we use to catch alot of atlantics.Sort of got away for awhile,hard to find trollers today,to much time spent online maybe,haha I fish east of you pultneyville area I havnt put the boss in yet thinking maybe west might be better.Heard it's been a super spring out of rochester so far.

Well keep up your great reports,Ill be visiting them.



Have a Happy Fourth of July

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