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Point Breeze steel 7/5 and a strange catch

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Went straight North out of point breeze Sunday evening, to find some thermal breaks and set down at the 29.5 line just past a break at 28.5. Took the better half out with her friend Debbie for a ride and some fishing. Trolled at 7pm back south to see what the break may hold for fish. Set out two 100 coppers at the knot and three riggers 15 to 25 down 50 and 75 feet back. All with spoons. Temp was 66 surface and 46 down 25 and the water was clear black.  Rods started to pop at 28.8 line and landed three steelhead in quick order. One was short the other two were nice about 7 and 8 lbs.

Before we picked up at 9pm, I netted one more catch. A beach ball looking thing. One of many dozen that were floating in the debris of the break, 9 to 10 miles off shore. Turns out it's one of the "Chinese lantern" things that I saw going up west of my house in Lyndonville  on the 4th. I always watch the fire works on the front yard and saw dozens of these things floating into the sky and heading north way out over the lake.  Now they are floating all over the place 10 miles offshore. DOZENS OF THEM! Are these things biodegradable! Doesn't seem like it, since they are plastic. Now also, there is a chemical luminous vial, also plastic stuffed into the ball. Can't be good for the environment and a Hazzard to water intakes or props! Just litter and a lot of it. Anyway be aware of the things cause they aren't ever going to fade away.



Strange catch


And it has another plastic vial with liquid luminescent chemicals.

Dozens of these are floating in the lake miles off shore.

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Every one I saw I was telling my better half I better not catch that on my cables or planning boards ....I figured they would be all over only saw a balloon but there seems to b more crap in the water than normal I never even thought about the prop...ugh

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Well, I got thinking..:blink::huh::unsure:..these things could not possibly fly. It must be something else. They are inflated with air and the light stick does not make heat. It can't rise in the air. I looked it up and it is a plastic luminous beach ball for parties. Patio, beach, pool, bbq, etc...well they must have been used to play in the lake or in the Niagara or where ever. Now they are on the way to the Saint Lawrence.

Not a Chinese lantern. Just a plastic beach ball. Yes the Chinese lantern can be dangerous too with fire as the main ingredient of lift from heat.

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This is weird, we always watched them fly high over our house, but this 4th we had 5 of them come down in our yard, actually my daughters caught 2 of them. The kind that came down here I think are biodegradable because the the lantern part is like tissue paper, some had the sides burned out, but there is a light wire basket attached to a 2"x2" piece of sponge that I think held some sort of flammable gel. So the wire would defiantly give one grief if it got caught up in the prop. Those party ball things, they are trash and should have been disposed of properly by the folks that used them, I can plainly see why people would get upset with those type.

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