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Well nobody wanted to fish today so went solo. Set up in 120 FOW and sent the cowbells down caught 4 lakers in about 10 minutes. Gambler called me on the radio and said he was into some fish off shore so I pulled up and headed out to 200'. Had a good king crack me off and then boated a 5 lb king. Then a short while latter 41' rigger fires and I grab the rod and reel as fast as I can but before the slack is taken up a huge over 12lb steelhead missiles 10' out of the water right behind the boat,he was a chunck !

Picked up another 5lb king and a couple skippys then a release off the cheater on the 63' rigger. Reel up the slack and the drag starts to rip out. A nice mid teen king. It's very challenging,fighting a fish,steering the boat and netting a fish(auto pilot got delivered yesterday thank God!)

Boated another Laker and small king and called it good. Best action was 170'-200' fow. NBK was the hot spoon and my Bobby Fuller one of a kind was what got cracked off.

Gambler did very well also I'll let him fill in the details.




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We fished the same are as Dan and did some nice kings, and a couple steelhead. I had a scare when I put the rigger down 80' and was rigging the free slider. I felt the rigger release and had to scramble to get the rod in my hand before it got yanked overboard. We ended up dumping that fish after a 480' run. We took fish 40-80 down. After the kings slowed, we tucked inside and did some good lakers up to 18.02. All were released to fight another day.

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Nice job Dan and Brian! Must be a good thermocline set up there Tuesday. Been skinny fishing the top 25 feet for weeks at the Oak.

There is a big break there. The thermalcline jumps from 60 down to 35 down in a short span. Tons of bait from 40-150 down.
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