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St Petersburg Florida


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sharks!   google shark charters and find one with open availability close to where you will be staying,   or  go to a local tackle shop and ask them  they ussualy  know a couple  guys and will recommend someone good or someone that has an opening.     the sharks are soo fun to fish for awesome fights  even the 10lbers  fight  awesome, the stingrays are also fun to catch it is amazing the power they have!   

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Head a little north to Tarpon Springs city marina. Good charters there for the gulf. Capt. Andy Hoffman Lazy Bones Charters telephone number is

(813) 920-4846. He is a very good seasoned fisherman. Reasonable rates too. I would check to see if he is still chartering as he is an older gentleman but very good.

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I have a place very close to St. Pete's. This time of the year the water is REALLY warm, bath water. The gulf is very shallow - they have to go out like 17 miles to get 100 feet of water.  So the water is super warm, even out there.  You really need to go offshore to catch game fish this time of year, and an overnight trip is normally necessary.


There's still a few options though:


(1) party boats will stay in close, maybe 15 miles out, and you'll catch a lot of small snapper (2 to 3 lbs). They use light tackle so it's non stop fun.


(2) shark fishing. I've caught plenty small guys like 3 ft, 15 lbs or so, on shore, particularly at night. I wouldn't say they are really strong, not like a salmon. Bigger sharks are something else. You can obviously do this, but I think night fishing is going to be your best charter time then.


(3) goliath grouper. You can charter a boat for around $650. They'll stop to catch some snapper on the way, lot's of fun. You keep some to eat, the rest is used as bait for goliath grouper. They'll head to some structure (like a sunken boat) and lure those beasts out. Unbelievable strength. A shark has nothing on a goliath grouper.


(4) Deep offshore fishing, overnight trip. Hubbard's Marine at John's Pass offers overnight fishing. They get really deep and always come back with some really good fish. They normally post pictures from each day's catch.  Here's the link https://instagram.com/hubbardsmarina/


What's fun is to get a 4 or 5 ft rod and wade into the water and toss a light line in with some shrimp on it. Can catch flounder, sea trout, etc.  With a light say 4 to 6 lb line, they are really, really fun to catch.


Have fun.

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