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Sandy Creek, an evening with a great fisherman! 7-9-15

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I had the great pleasure of fishing with an awesome fisherman tonight. "pvelyk" Patrick runs a great spread that catches fish. We ended up fishing from 130 to 225. it wasnt fast and furious, but it was quality. Patrick put us fish. We ended 2 for 3 after I lost a beauty of a steelie.





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Thank for the kind words Larry it was a pleasure having you out there and it was nice having another experienced person on the boat. Twenty years off the big lake things are slowly coming back to me and I am slowly learning the new stuff.  Every trip has been chip away a few here and there but I will take consistent catches every trip.


Jeremy I can only imagine the fun you had in a smaller boat early on, I am glad things laid down for you but it sounds like your bite left with the waves.   Our nose kept getting pushed around to the point autopilot was not worth the trouble.  We marked a lot of bait and some hooks when we first got out around five but could buy much, but about 7 is when things turned on for us.  That just shows the craziness that chasing these fish are, one guys get hits right next to a guy getting nothing, a few hours changes and it reverses.  Good lesson that when one guy reports the bite died, doesn't mean fish can't be caught by others. 

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Awesome! We cruised by you and headed out to 350'. What a beauty of a night!

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It sure turned into a beautiful evening, that sun came out and burned off the fog and it was just great to be out there.  You guys do anything out at 350'?

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