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Olcott Getting A Little Better

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Well, today was the best day fishing that I have had in quite some time.  I'm not saying that it was the best day ever, but things have been so poor lately that it was nice to actually get a few in the boat.  (And release) I set up this morning (Friday) just after 6:30 am.  I fish alone, so I only had 3 rods out.  Turns out I only needed 2 any way.  

I started a north-bound troll in 150 fow.  1st rigger set with a dodger and green spoon, the 2nd set with a Spin Doctor/fly setup on bottom and another green spoon on a stacker.  The stacker produced nothing.  The spin Doctor caught the 1st fish.  It was a tiny king.  Perhaps 3 pounds in 170 fow.  The 2nd fish was a HUGE laker in 200 fow.  Not the biggest I've ever caught, but pretty big.  That came on the dodger/spoon combination.  The 3rd came on that same rig in 220 fow.  It was the biggest Coho I have ever caught.  The 4th was on the Spin Doctor again, also in 220 fow after I began heading south.  It was the biggest King I have ever caught.  It wasn't 30 lbs, but it sure was over 20.  Maybe 24 or 25 lbs.

Riggers were set between 55 and 60' down.  By 8:45 I had pulled in my last fish of the day.  I went the next 2 hours with nothing, so I headed in.

4 for 4 in 2 hours is pretty good for me.  I almost forgot what it was like to pull in a big King.  To hear my spool sing as 200' of line rips out in no time flat.  Sure was fun.  I always wonder how I am going to land those big hogs by myself, but I always seem to manage. 


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