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Finally ....


Watching the weather all week, and not believing the east winds weren't going to mess us up again, Friday afternoon came, and things still looked good. Early afternoon commitments on Saturday meant we had to be out early. My boy's best friend was helping "restore" the boat from a recent outing up north. My other half, marvel that she is, says, are you going to invite J with you tomorrow? After all, he's working pretty hard  too. Hmm. at 12 years old and not a real fisherman, he is not known for  being thrilled with early morning awakenings- but we owe him. 20 minutes later boat is ready and boys are planning for a SHORT sleep over


Up at 3.30, on the water with lines out before the dawn, we had one of my favorite views. 




Barely got all 5 out before this brownie hit - guest always has first rod. Cant say I remember seeing a Brown this big with a remnant of a kype come July? 



after posing for the pic and some recovery time in the well he was off to swim and play again




Some days it just all works. I could give several examples from today ( such a the time I said " Ok fish, we need one more" and the rigger fired as I said it, or the time I said - Aren't you hungry like me, fish, as I bit into my muffin, and the lead core fired)  but nothing compares to when the dipsy fired and I pulled it out -  As I did , I knocked the lead core out of the holder and watched as it sank in 180 FOW - I handed the dipsy rod to my son, and hit the rigger up button. 3 agonizing minutes later, there was my core rod, reel caught on the rigger cable holding it from the depths. I reached down, grabbed the rod by the butt,  put it in the rod holder again,and then hand reeled in my boys coho for the last 15 feet. The cluster only took 10 minutes to untangle, and we were back on the troll again. 

Finished the day 11 for 14. My son's best friend says " Now know why you guys leave so early :)

We didn't get any trophies - but that's OK. This was a day for the memory album







gotta love summer!






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