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Kinda a bonus day for me today. I got an unexpected pass to fish!! We got a VERY late start, finally set up at 8:30. We started in 90 fow off the trailer park, knowing that We would probably work 110-150 to the west.

First fish was a big screamer on the 400 copper with a paddle and fly. Probably the biggest of the day, that we broke off because the backer got doubled over itself. There was more marks in 150+ so we worked a bit deeper 150-200 and they started to go better. We would go on to boat 3 of 6 hits, all majors. We were off the water by noon.

Mag black glow spoons on the riggers 80-110 down and 400 copper with spinny/fly did all the work. We did have a rip on the 270 dipsey with meat that we missed. We mostly worked maxwell to boller.

The current was SCREAMING today, I couldn't get the boat to go less than 2.25 going east, much less get a hit.

Back at it tuesday, then the proam. Good luck


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