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Saturday, cleared the outlet at 6:00am and started setting up in 90ft FOW.  Lots of bait and nice hooks although water was in mid 50s to the bottom.   I circled back once but could not get them to hit.  Worked out to 120-140 FOW found a nice break from 50-47 degrees, 100 foot down.  Not as much bait, but still lots of nice hooks.  Picked up a small laker, then started picking up a steady bite of early teen kings, with a real nice 20.3lb king thrown in for good measure.  Even had my second double on a single rod this year with two skippys.  Did not get a hit on lead or copper.  Hits were on 90 and 100 rigger, and magnum wire dipsy at 180-200.  Trolling speed was pretty fast, 2.7-3.0 but difficult to control in the current.   My bag had almost no effect slowing me down on an east troll.  They were hitting many different lures, but multiple hits on white mooneye magnum with purple and black ladder back, white/green flasher fly, and my standby NK28 orange crush (down to my last one).  Ended up 4 for 8 (6 for 10 if you count the skippys), all kings, only one laker, and finally broke the 20lb mark for the year (just barely).


Sunday, I figured I would try the same thing.  Almost no bait, and few hooks in 100-140 FOW right off the bay.  Turned into a laker fest….could not keep them off the hooks even at the fast trolling speeds.  I started working east looking for kings.  The laker fest continued.   Around 11, I turned and started trolling back towards the bay and the 180 dipsy starts screaming…I grabbed the rod and swear I said out load, “this ain’t N.F.L.†(a term I borrowed from someone’s post earlier in the year).  It was my biggest of the year so far 22.9lb King  (23.4lb if you count the huge lamprey on it).  White/Green protroll with white fly.  I was fishing solo, so that king was released to grow bigger.  Ended up 6 for 8, all lakers and a nice king……now looking to break the 25lb mark for the year.


One of the teen kings I caught on Saturday had a lamprey on both sides…..unfortunately lost at the net so I did not get to remove them. Anyone else noticing more lampreys on the kings?


See, lamprey to the right in the picture.  It was about 18 inches long!


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