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Only went out a few hours this morning from 7-30-11. The 200-220 depth was whee we found the most action. All of our hits were at 85-90 ft on riggers. Glow spook was popular along with green dolphin. Had one on a sea sick waddler magnum. Couldn't get a dipsy to go. Had them at 220-270. There was a lot of current and you had to pay attention to your speed and depth or you were fishing above that depth. Wasn't hot and heavy but it took a while to get all 4 riggers set. Lost a nice 18 lb. at the boat and it would of been my sons biggest salmon. Great to see him shaking his arms as he is fighting the fish all the way in. Tight line all the way in just happens sometimes. Ended up with only a couple for the box but flies and heat were too much too stay. Earlier would of better and he now he understands it.

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