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Couple newbie questions


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You don't want the release below the probe.   I have blacks release, probe, breakawaycable than weight   I don't want the rigger pole line interfearing with the probe tracking or rubbing on it.

I attach my release to the weight as usual with a pinch pad.  Never had any problems.  The belly in the line from the rod to the release most likely gives you enough clearance from the probe.  But your way seems to work for you and if it aint broke don't fix it.

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Used to get the rigger cables tangled once in a while fishing off of 9 mile in the currents.   Figured out that when we loaded the rods with the release at the back of the weight , we were steering the weight .  With our narrow boat that wasn't a good thing.   That stopped when we moved the release above the weight.

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