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Up camping at the state park, and getting out on the water when we can.

I fished solo from 10 to 1 on Sunday without a bite, running one rigger and one wire dipsy. Fished from 95 to 150 fow, and did mark some hooks around bait, just no takers.

Fished Monday morning with my brother and just couldn't find much of anything. Got one 8 lb brown down 40 on a magnum frog spoon. No other action.

Took my neice and nephew out Tuesday morning in the rain and rough conditions with a pretty good sourherly. Fished 100-300 fow, and again no hits. Looked like boats mostly were in search mode.

Decided we would try cut bait, which is new to us, so stopped by Screwy Louie's in the afternoon and they hooked us up.

Wind died in the afternoon and we knew Wednesday wouldn't be fishable, so we launched at 6 on a calm lake. Set up in 225 just northeast of chute. Twenty minutes in had two 7-8 lb kings, one on the meat behind flasher on 80 rigger, and one on a FLT spoon (blue green ladderback that was free slider) on 90 rigger.

Trolled out to 300, screen was pretty blank the whole time, turned back south and about 8:00 the wire dipsy out 180 took a shot, over 225 fow.

Fish put up a good fight, with runs to 400. My brother Mark (yukiginger) played it well, and we put the 24 lber on the deck. This was also on meat rig behind a flasher. It was a beautiful couple hours out there.

Hope to be back out tomorrow.

Will add pictures soon.

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