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Sold / Closed SOLD - Grady 254


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I am selling my Grady Sailfish 254. It is an awesome fishing machine but I do not have time to use it (kid is now playing travel hockey an travel lacrosse so my weekends are blown up).I purchased this boat a few years ago from an old guy who had barely used it. In fact, 12 years of warehouse storage preceded my buying it. Boat came from Lake Erie and has had a freshwater life.


Included in sale:


-1993 Grady 254 with UNDER 400 HOURS on it

-Mercury 7.4 I/O

-Eagle Trailer

-2014 Mercury Bigfoot 9.9 kicker with less than 10 running hours

-Humminbird 958c with Great Lakes maps (2013)

-Fishhawk X4 (2013)

-Trollmaster throttle (2014)

-Goetz hydraulic kicker steering (2014)

-Uniden radio (2013)

-Stereo and speakers (2013)

-Slip paid out til October 


Boat has had all maintenance done on it including replacing impellers, bilge pumps, carburetor, distributor, thermostat, filters in last two years. The boat needs nothing and is ready to fish today.


Asking $24,900 including all above. This is a serious big water boat that handles 4-6 like a champ while also providing the comfort or a small galley and and enclosed head. Boat is in the water in Wilson currently. Pics to follow as I figure out how to post them below.


Chris ("Line Change")


[email protected]


So after a few weeks, a few lookers and some questions here is some additional info to questions that seem recurring:


-I am going to go into something in the 19-22' open bow, deck boat or cuddy category for a few years and tool around the river towing the kid on a tube while the wife bakes. Its what they want right now.


-The Grady is a 9'6" beam, nice for fishing. Legally towing it requires a permit. Annual or monthly is not a big deal. That said, I've never gotten one and yes I have pulled it.


-Boat and trailer are ~8000 dry, ~10,000 fully gassed up and loaded. No you can't tow it with a Tacoma.


-There are a pair of Digitrolls I had professionally rebuilt that stay with the boat. Also a planner mast currently not on it. I'll probably leave a couple of copper rigs on board as well. 


-No you're family can't meet me at the boat and go for a ride. It isn't leaving the slip again unless you have money in hand.


-No I won't take a lowball offer "cash". Of course it will be cash, not accepting pesos, twinkies, peppermints...would accept bouillon though, lol (this is my fault, as is above for putting it on Craigslist...)


New price, $22,900. Boat will either sell by September 30 or I'll haul it home and mothball it (Full shrink, pump it dry, grease and fog everything, strip off electronics, etc..) behind the house for a few years. 

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I'll get back up and get some more pics this week. Sorry, I was out of town and just got back. Definitely a dog house, though there is a ton of room in the corners as the boat is wide. 


PD, I'm going to get a deck boat or open bow most likely for now. The kid wants to tube and ski, the wife wants to lounge and bake. I'll just grab a charter when the bug gets me.

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Hi, I noticed in your ad that you changed the price of your Boat, can you tell me how to edit your ad, or change price, I can not figure it out, Bye the way Congrats on the sale,looks like a nice Boat, I am trying to sell mine Quick by the end of season, thanks for any help you can offer.

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