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Steve.e Sandy creek 7-17

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Went out solo, neighbor kid's parents forgot to remind him we were on for 5:15 departure, threw stuff at his window to no avail. Started at about 130 worked out to 275. Small bait pods inside 200, much larger ones out at 250. Lost 2 skippys behind boat, ok with me. Dipsey takes off for a short run after a decent fight, landed a 10 -12lb beautiful rainbow on black and green SD with green atomic fly-released . Little while later went over a huge pod and 10 sec's later 41ft rigger fires and screams bloody murder. After 25 mins and a heck of a time netting , not to mention bouncing him off the cable a couple times landed a nice 19.5 lb king according to old spring hand scale. Green rotating triangle  flasher with old faithful, green, beat up spoon of some type with a big eye at the back end. This spoon always seems to produce something. Beautiful thicksteaks!! All fish in the 250 area. All on green stuff 

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