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Went five for five by 8 am , fished until 930. Two 500 copper dish with double crush spinny and Big Weenie shark week fly. A 400 copper fish on a uv plaid green stripe pro troll with a pole dancer. A 190 dipsy with a green dot spinny and hammer fly and a 90 rigger with a gator spinny and mirage. Didn't mark a lot of fish and very lil Bait. Fleas are not bad, a few. Biting flies had their fill. Got off the water before it got brutal. No kings over 20#

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I heard on the radio that a bite was on over there yesterday.......we launched out of Oswego......did NOT move a rod. :(

Almost put in at Mexico Point, buy had heard that earlier in the week there were fish over a bit west of Oswego Harbor.............those were probably those fish, here today, gone tommorrow.

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