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Big Tiger

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Wow!! Monster Tiger...... any idea on a weight?

 No. The fish was released without being weighed.  However, from my experience, a thick/heavy 46 could be about 30lbs.  I know I've released some pre-spawn pures between 45 and 47 inches that we weighed at over 30lbs.

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Great fish but me thinks this is NOT a tiger but great lakes strain....the "bars " are actually composed of dots that give the impression of bars....What say you ???


Funny...last year at this time, I posted a pic of a nice 45.5" tiger we released from my boat last year at Lake St Clair. Somebody questioned the fact that it was a naturally produced fish vs a stocked fish at the time. Now there's this question about this one even being a tiger. I do understand the question though. There are guys that often confuse barred up pures for tigers. I've seen it quite a bit with Chautauqua fish. I am not one of those guys.


First, I am going to keep this discussion and photos to LSC only because muskies can look different based on the body of water they came from. For example, a Great Lakes strain muskie can look different from the St Lawrence than a Great Lakes strain looks from LSC. All of the muskies in LSC are natural. There are no muskies stocked in the lake. They are indeed Great Lakes strain pures in LSC. Occasionally, pike and muskie spawning in LSC overlap and a pike cross breeds with a Great Lakes strain muskie to produce a tiger muskie. That's what has happened in these tigers I'm pointing out from LSC.


You don't know me, and I don't know you, so I'm not sure what personal muskie experience you have or LSC muskie experience. Just a little background on me to lend credibility to what I'm saying...I know these fish pretty well. Not including all my other muskie fishing experience, I have fished LSC for a week every year for the last 15 years. Over that time we have released easily over 1000 LSC muskies from my boat. Over all that time, and all those fish, 2 of them have been tigers...a very small percentage. There do seem to be more nice tigers showing up every year though. We usually have 4 or 5 boats in our group and it seems somebody gets a nice tiger during our trip the last several years.


I'll post pics of 3 nice LSC tigers and 3 nice LSC pures here in a minute. All the fish are from our last few trips to LSC. Two of the tigers were caught/released from friends' boats. The other fish were released from my boat. I think the photos should speak for themselves, and hopefully you can see the differences for yourself and help in future identification.

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Thanks Larry, but not all of those pics are from this year. It has been a pretty good year, but I haven't been able to get on the water for over 2 weeks. I'm going through withdrawals. I can't wait to get back to CHQ. I haven't been there since June 14th.

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Ivan,From the results of the Three Rivers Tourney you can see things have slowed down a little at Chautauqua Lake.Lake is tinted brown from the 6" of rain that fell last week.Floating weeds are a bigger problem down south,not bad up north.But the bigger pods of bait fish seem to be scattered around the lake now.I have heard much better reports from the in shallow casters.I only managed one 32"er out of 6 hours yesterday and most fishermen I talked to had washed lures all day.By next weekend it should stablize again and hopefully pick back up.

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I gotta get out to lsc. Where do you stay/launch there?

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I stay in Canada Old Man. The entire south shore is Canada. West and northwest portions of the lake are Michigan. I have never stayed in MI so i'm not familiar with places there, but Detroit or Anchor Bay areas would be where you would need to stay in MI. Ive heard of a Selfridge Airforce Base launch some guys use over there.

In Canada you have motels in Windsor, two Motels and some cottages in Belle River/Ruscom area. Other than that, you would have to find a house to rent. I usually stay near Belle River. As I mentioned before, Belle River is centrally located along the south shore.

Each of the rivers/creeks have launches in them close to the lake. The rivers on the south shore from west to east are Detroit River, Pike Creek, Puce, Belle River, Ruscom River, and the Thames. There is also a marina with a launch at Belle River, but on the lake.

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