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Wanted WANTED: Talora Rod Butt Cap

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Hello all.

Does anyone have a Shimano Talora Rod End Cap that they can part with? It's the foam cap that covers the hard plastic gimbel end of the rod (end that goes into rod holder). Any end cap will do as they are all the same size.

A guest donated one of mine to Lake Ontario this week. I need them to protect my seats from shafing.

Would really appreciate it if someone has a spare one that I can purchase.

Please PM me if you have one available.


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I don't, but Mudhole sells butt caps in many dimensions. Their shipping is outrageous from the website, but they also sell on eBay and if you call them, they will generally cut you a break. I think that the new Talora butts are designed to be removable, so I'm surprised that the gimbal would need protecting. FYI, if the rods are okay in the holders without an eva cap, Cush-It makes a foam butt that is too large to fit into a rod holder, but is great when fighting a fish. We keep a couple of them scattered through the boat and just shove them onto the gimbal when a fish hits. Just another option...

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In a pinch if it is 1 inch diameter the hard black rubber caps that go on the legs of chairs can help out. I always keep a few in the boat :)

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