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Sandy Creek (Hamlin) 7/20/15

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Fished from about 2 to 7:30 today. We started shallow looking for browns or Lake trout on the bottom, not much in way of marks until we saw some bottom huggers around 90 feet but nothing wanted to play. We had our first release 75 over 125 on a rigger with a black and green stinger. Unfortunately we lost the fish after it started to run accross the copper we were running down the shoot. Sometimes the bonus rods produce and sometime they cost you a fish. We continued to work 100 to 225 for the next two hours without much happening, so we started working out deeper. We got another decent fish on 70 foot down over 235 on a stinger green alewive spoon but it only was on for a short run and then came unleashed. We worked our way out to four hundred feet with nothing happening so we decided to pull the lines in an run back in and work the 100 to 200 feet water again. Puling up the rods we found a 3 lb steelie skipper. We wroked inside the rest of the night goig as shallow as 75 feet and deep as 200 with the water column from 45-110 covered with our lines. Again we marked bottom huggers and some streakers with no knock offs. We pulled gear and again found another steelie free loading a ride on a deep rigger. He made the other one look giant and had big eyes and attitude going for a lure about his own size.

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I did well Sunday inside. I think you guys drove over them- my hot bite was 80-100fow on 300' copper. Another buddy of mine was a little further out and beat up the Kings high in the column on ff.

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