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Billy V Report - May 21st - Fair Haven

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We left the dock shortly after 5am today and ran out to the lake and set up in 15 FOW just East of the chute. The lake was fairly calm and there was a mild NW breeze as we got set up. There was a nice color line and resultant temperature break and once we got set up we began working that break. Within 10 minutes of getting set up a red/black squiggles KA-BOOM Shiner goes screaming off the planer board...FISH ON!!! After a short fight, Marcus landed his first-ever Lake Ontario King...a very healthy 10 lb beauty:


No sooner did we get that fish in the boat and it began to blow. And it got cold. And it blew harder. We went from flat water to 4-5 footers in just a few minutes. Just before we decided to pull up and head in Alex boated a small brown on a black/silver KA-BOOM Shiner, and just before I pulled the last rod Marcus hooked up with a great steelhead that gave us a neat aerial show before it shook the hook at the back of the boat. That steelie took a Northern King Sea-sick Waddler fished 7' down off a rigger. The wind was continuing to freshen and it was getting downright sporty out there, so we headed into the bay to troll for a bit. I'm sure glad we didn't call it a day.

We started seeing hooks on the 585 and I set up a program and had us fishing down 20-30 ft over 25-35 FOW. Over the next couple of hours we hooked up a bunch of times and landed quite a few beautiful browns. Best down speed was 2.2-2.4 on our Depth Raider. We were running our spoons 50' behind our Shark weights today (they don't spook browns like some guys say they do!). They were mostly interested in our Dreamweaver NBK and Beefeater spoons and a funky new Northern King spoon that I don't have a name for, but here's a pic:


We also took a brown on that same KA-BOOM that I mentioned earlier:


Working the Bay definitely made our trip...we found nice colored water and 54 degrees down 25ft.



We kept some fish for dinner, put some back for another day, and had a few "long-distance" releases...all in all it was a fantastic day when Mother Nature was feeling mighty blustery.

The NW wind definitely had shoved some temp up on shore...let's hope it holds for the weekend!

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Glad to finally read a decient brown report.

Hope they head our way.Nice report thanks.

Summer LOC kicks in tomorrow. It would be nice to

see ole fishstix on the board.

It would be double nice to see a brown win the

summer LOC derby.Its very possibe .

A little word of advice..Knock them in the head

before you hold them up to show your buddies.......

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Thanks guys. We were inside the actual bay fishing for them. The wind came up and got pretty snotty so we had to pull lines and head in. We've had success trolling for them in the bay before. You just need the right conditions, and we had them yesterday!

And Stix is right...here's what happens when you rush to get a pic of the fish:


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