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Stacker Leads


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quick question for you guys.  When you run stackers, is it best to have the bottom bait on a longer lead than the top, or vice versa?  Im thinking if my bottom bait is on a shorter lead than the top…when the bottom bait fires off….the fish could potentially swim up and tangle up in the stacker lead.  Any ideas of whats best?

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You have it backwards.  Deep line gets a longer lead so the lure is further away from the second higher lure upon release.  Make sure you have rods pointed at opposing directions on the same rigger so on release the rod tension on a bottom release will pull the released line away from upper line as the upper line still is exerting an opposite force on the cable and ball in the opposite direction (rigger rods are pulling on the cable in opposite directions).  I assume you are talking about true stacking a second rod on one rigger and not cheaters right?

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