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Cayuga meyers day 3


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on the water at 0630 with what i thought was a fixed boat motor.   ran strong and idled good at the dock so thought i was good to go.  pulled out the shoot and tried to get up to speed and motor died.  after drifting a while and messing with motor got it to run at low speed so decided to try to fish but stayed close to the park.  fished the cove just north of Meyers park and marked a ton of fish at 40 feet over 60 foot of water.  set 2 down riggers down 1 at 55 and 1 at 40.  both running blue and silver spoons.  then sent a 10 color lead line down the shoot.  didn't take long and 55 rigger fired with no body home.  reset rigger and kept heading north.  fished to the high cliffs and turned around and headed south.  then 40 rigger fires in almost same spot as before and get a nice little rainbow up to the boat and it shakes the hook.  reset every thing and continue to fish back and forth in the same area and finally a nice laker hits the 50 rigger and i get this one to the boat.  in the cooler that fish goes.  all strikes were almost in the same spot on the lake didnt seem to matter which direction i was going.  anyway boat started to act up and had to get back to the house.  so not bad 1 shake off and 1 in the cooler.  would love to have one of these 30 fish days everyone is talking about but im happy at least not getting skunked.  Wish boat would run better but that will get fixed.  thanks to all that posted giving me starting points.  may try to get out again if i do i will be sure to post how i do.  all spoosns that took fish were dream weavers with blue or green on them.  cant remember the names of them all.  

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Yes Dave that was me. I thought that was you in a red f 150. Had. Little blue with me

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