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Hemlock 7-26 Elusive 25-30 Lb Golden Trout

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Summer is here! This fella hit a needlefish 22 feet down off the downrigger and headed to the west side pulling about 250 yards of line like a King made a U-Turn and returned to the boat like a stump! Also caught 5 smallmouth ...no trout any where.



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Taste like chicken.!

      Thanks for offering assistance to the 9.9 

  My son and I ended up with a nice slow drift on the east side down about a mile,..warm water tally 4 large mouth,1 smallie and the Launch Pickerel youze guys were witness too! I pulled that mother every 20 min or so,,,,no luck,..but I have  2 nice blisters on my 2 fingers from Yankin,..

  The motor is at the Balentyne Hospital as of now for a check up.

   Nice to meet you and Thanks again!


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