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SLR 7-26

Prof T

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Usually don't fish till Mondays to let the weeds settle down from the weekend pleasure boaters. Got friends lined up for a fish fry then so decided to hit it Sunday instead. Boated my best limit of the season. Lots of bait showing up, surface temps rising to the higher 60's. Still the same program trolling 32 FOW, bottom bouncers, 1.3- 1.5 MPH. 28" , 27" , 24". (My cutting board is 30).

Did go out last Thurs and added 2 19" to the season's total. That night I was tight to shore untangling something. As a fellow angler was heading home, two nice couple from the same area I am that I've met on the water, made it a point come in and stop to be sure I was OK. No shortage of considerate people on the water here. I fish alone most of the time and trolling among drifting boats can work or can be a nightmare. We all seem to alternate giving ground and get along quite well.




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I think the fish are along that entire section of river and everyone has their favorite runs. It's a matter of targeting a specific area, learning the contour and maintaining good boat control so that your lures are right on target, too high and you're out of the action and too much line and you're dragging bottom and fouled.

No different than anywhere else.

I definitely think the after dark bite is superior to the daytime fishing. I see guys doing it during the day but I don't see nets in the water very often. Not saying guys don't get them, it just hasn't worked as well for me.

Final point is that stretch really concentrates boat traffic on the weekends. Be sure to have functioning lights if you're out at night and be aware of what's going on around you and you'll be fine.

Prof T

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