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Get The Net Sandy Creek Shootout

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Thursday 07/24/15  A pretty strong west wind forced us to fish with the waves.  We setup out front of the creek in 200 and trolled east.  Not much doing until we hit Watoma. A steady pick of smaller kings with a 23 lber in the mix.  Hot lures were White Spinny with Blue Hammer Fly, and meat rigs. We worked to BB point taking fish along the way.  200-230 was the best. All fish came below 70 ft.


Friday 07/25/15.  We headed to the same way points  and setup.  This time our king bite was non existent.  We stopped short of the light house. In search for some kings a bit off shore, we headed the boat NW.  When we hit 260 we found a great class of steelhead,  The fish were very aggressive and kept us busy for an hour or so.  Our biggest earned us 10th place in the LOC at 12 lb 9 oz.  It took a meat rig off the 400 copper.  When the bite slowed, we continued north to see if there was an offshore bite.  THERE WAS NOT.  We worked to 500 fow only taking a couple of small steelhead and a coho.  The good news was that we know where not to go on Saturday.


Saturday  SCS:  Our initial plan was to work those fish east but with reports of some good kings west of port, we were kind of stuck on what to do.  We decided to setup in front of the creek.  We touched down in 175 fow with a very good screen. We dropped lines and worked 175-185 for an hour.  No Takers. We decided to move out a bit deeper and troll east.  We never got very far!  When we hit 230 fow, it was game on.  Our 1st 3 bites came as a triple.   We boated 2 out of 3, breaking off a big king on the 400 copper. The  2 kings we boated were in the lower teens, but at least we had fish in our box.  For the rest of the day we worked 230-260 taking fish steadily. Meat rigs were very productive as they  took our 2 biggest fish( 23 and 18).  Those fish came later in the AM/early afternoon and came up from deep water.  We ended the day with a box of nice kings but just short of the money.  However it was a great day on the water with a lot of fish.  All king bites and we only dropped 2 fish (broke off).  Our hot lures were meat, white green dot spinny with ITO KJ special fly, and  Warrior Capt Happy( took 5 fish!).  Congrats to all who made the top 10.  Thanks to Rob, Scott, and Brian for making this an awesome tourney.post-139677-0-21850400-1438188982_thumb.jpgpost-139677-0-25222700-1438188999_thumb.jpgpost-139677-0-47094700-1438189015_thumb.jpg


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Good to talk to you guys Friday nite and Saturday. The SCSO is always a favorite time of the year for me. No egos, no chest pounding, just some regular Joes getting together to compete.... Nice Report, nice pics...

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Great report..... I've done two years for this event. Last year I blew my motor at 6am and this year we blew a lower end on Big fish Friday. We fished the 14 ' aluminum and it was pretty sporty to say the least. This is definitely a great event and every year we learn a little more. Been great talking to you and Sean this year and appreciate all the advice. We fought hard for a 53lb box and fishing 4 rods all day. If you see me in a kayak next yr for the shoot out you'll no I'm cursed for this event. Good luck with the rest of the season.

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