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Niag./Wilson/Olcott; May 15-22

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Mother Nature finally caught up with us this year. Out of our 8 scheduled days, 3 were blowoffs and 1 other we only fished for 3 hrs. When we did get on the water our numbers were good but, the amount of bigger fish was definately lower compared to my previous trips. It was mostly a spoon bite for us on riggers and wire slide divers. Took fish from 25' to 100' FOC although the deeper rigs were better. We did alot of our fishing out from the Red Barn 65' thru 150'.

I hooked up with Erby Joe and his partner John and we did some Niag. River exploring on 2 of the off days with his 19' Lund. Our first day we fished the afternoon at Artpark and hooked up with a couple steelhead. The second day we ventured upstream and fished the drift above the American pwr plant. We boated 7 steelhead and had a great time. The first fish was a real beauty female that Erin landed. I didn't take my camera along but, Erin did and I'm sure he will post pics when he gets back from his trip. It was great to finally meet Erin face to face and it was a pleasure to fish with him and John.

Here are some pics:


Launching at the fort






"Yankee Troller" heading in



"Camp Maniac"


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Eric It was great to finally meet you and your crew. I would love to fish with your father some day he seems like a great person to have on board. I enjoyed meeting him. John and I are getting a list together to see how we can swing a trip to the oak to fish with you guys this summer. I have to see what type of camping gear I need :mrgreen: I must say your camp site was great it sure beat where we stayed. Thanks again for letting me be first mate on your boat on Thursday night I had a great time. It was great doing the river with you and Johnny I don't think we could have had a better crew. P.S. I bought a new life jacket for me to wear next time :lol::lol: we go down the river :mrgreen: Talk to you later.


I would like to add that where we stayed was a very nice place but just not our cup of tea. The rooms were very very clean and the owners were great people. I felt We were the Beverly hills clampetts being there. It is a very classy hotel and it's right on the water. It's a great place to stay but just not for me.

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Thanks guys.

Erin, I'll be in touch. I want to talk to you about the Oak. I have some ideas you might be interested in.

Rick, Ill send you the other pics I took also. Wish we could have been a little closer. I zoomed in as much as I could.

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