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Went out for a loooonnnggg day of fishing starting around 630 am and running till 830 pm with a quick lunch break in the middle. Water was cold on top no thermocline no bait no hooks no nothing. There was a pile of boats in tight so we started around 230 fow and worked out, we came in once the traffic cleared but there was nothing in shallow. We started the morning shift going 5 for 10 with small kings and bows all coming in 300 feet+ mostly on ff. the afternoon shift went over four hours without a hit until we picked up a screamer out deep as i was letting a dipsey out.

She bounced around 25lbs so i let her go as i figure it wouldnt survive the week. The rest of the day was a slow pick at smaller kings bows and one coho.

I really hope the big girls come out soon, im missing those days of multiple 20+ lb fish being the norm.

Anyways tightlines all!


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