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Fished out of Olcott on Friday and Saturday. On Friday we worked 300-400' closer to Wilson. The bite was slow, couple of steelhead on 10 color cores, and a couple kings on flasher / fly's. The big 20+ king came off a rigger at 100', white / white glow spinny, gold/green fly. Picked a coho on a 175 diver on a 3 setting.


Saturday the waves were going pretty good, but so was the bite. We fished deeper in the 375 to 400' range around the 53 west. Couple coho on flasher/flys on 150 3 setting wires. Another big 20+ king on a mag dipsy back 225 and a good mix of smaller kings on the rest of the spread: 75 riggers and 1.5  dipsys at 175. The current going one direction and the wind blowing in another made setting lines challenging at times. Flasher / fly's were hot, the spoon bite was slow. Tried some meat, but couldn't get that to go.

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Sounds like the red barn area was hot. I had pretty much the same luck as jpiatkowski on Saturday. Dropped a BIG steelhead in 175 FOW out front, several short strikes and only boated one teenage king with a lamprey attached to it. Seems like olcott is very hit or miss this year.

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