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Cayuga 8/2

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Launched out Sheldrake, fish are stacked up just north of the damaged light. Mostly very small browns and bows. After and hour moved to the east side of the lake and picked up one Large Laker on Sutton 71. Couple smaller ones from 6 to 9 lbs.

Around 11:30 gave jigging a try for the first time. First cast, small one comes in and spits the hook. Second cast was much larger fish. Almost took the whole spool. Had to let it run on 6lbs test. Course I'm running back and forth on the boat trying to keep it from going under the boat... wouldn't you know everyone and their brother has to get as close as they can to me.

Tough fighting waves and traffic much less the fish.... after 10 mins... tink.... there goes the fish. Never saw it but was bigger then what I kept for dinner...

Caught lakers from 30 ft out to 150 working he drop off. Fish were moving to the jig excellent. Probably could of caught many more but my gas was spent from trolling.

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Tons of fun! Think I like jigging more now. I'll still troll to find the school but getting big ones on spinning rods.... now that's fun. Wish I got it up to see it. Haven't had a fish peel so much line before.

Sheldrake is just a beach for locals to launch. Can be tough to launch there by yourself. I'll be living down where the double wide is split in two. You can reach the same area from Dean's Cove but it's a bit wider at that point of the lake. Seems a lot of bigger fish stay north of Stoney point or South of Long point. Most my luck come from right in front of the launch on long point. Heavy traffic makes it difficult to fight a big fish, maintain your heading, and ride the waves. Key for me was finding the bait.

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