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25Jul: Solo   Ran out to 350FOW to start as reports said Temp was mixed up. Went biteless for 3 hrs. running FFs on OB riggers and spoons down the middle out to 550FOW. Also ran free sliders on all. Started Mupping spoons 10 ft above the FFs and tail gunner spoon down the middle and the fixed cheaters started going with Magnum Steels. 1st tail dancer took my 28nk 42nd spoon when he broke my 15 lb. P-line leader.  Went 4 for 6 all steel  and then a Skippy king.post-147154-0-02303800-1438646398_thumb.jpgpost-147154-0-94498900-1438646481_thumb.jpg


26Jul.  Solo  Ran out and ran a spoon only program for 3 hrs in 250 FOW per a tip. Nothing moved. Thru down a pair of FFs and the center spoon deep mupped Sea sick waddler goes off  and I land a nice 31in Steel. Next the Stbrd Rigger goes off with a NBK Pro E Paddle/Hammer fly and it’s a screamer.  Aprox 20lber hits the deck.  Next a FL Bullfrog spoon goes off fixed/cheated, above a bullfrog FF set up. I wish I could have got him on video. He spent a lot of time out of the water.  He was another dandy and I released him via pliers next to the boat. 2 more Mag Steels hit my Bullfrog FF and put on some good shows and were released,. Then around noon I put a Blue crush stingray sized stinger down the middle, this spoon I was cohorced  in to buying at Narbys as they have a $15 Min Credit card purchase and bam, teenager smacks it , a bit later and hits the deck,. 6 for 6. for the day 4 Steel, 1mature,1 teen!post-147154-0-10196400-1438646544_thumb.jpgpost-147154-0-00678800-1438646579_thumb.jpgpost-147154-0-72546800-1438646625_thumb.jpgpost-147154-0-89819700-1438646644_thumb.jpg


27Jul.  Solo Started out in 200FOW and immediately  caught a teen on Bullfrog/Ultra Green Glow Fly then fished 3 hrs in 175-250 with no hits. Worked my way out to 475-525 and scored 3 more teens and  nice magnum Steels. The Narby’s forced purchase Blue crush scored twice today. I tried a 400 copper for a while with a NBK F/F and caught a skippy  6 for 6, 4 teens, 1 mag steel, 1 Skippy.  Finished the day with some great camp burgers and the most glorious sunset I have ever seen at Lakeside State Park. post-147154-0-89336300-1438646688_thumb.jpgpost-147154-0-61030800-1438646717_thumb.jpgpost-147154-0-14392600-1438646747_thumb.jpgpost-147154-0-35917100-1438646813_thumb.jpg




28Jul. Solo  Started in 150 FOW  with F/Fs on the OBs and Spoons down the middle. Teenager  took the bottom small Sea sick waddler  in 220FOW I let him go beside the boat being it was early.  I worked 175-250 for 3hrs with nothing so I decided to go deeper.  Got out to 350FOW debris everywhere then bam the rigger goes but I can tell it was the fixed cheater.  Mary Poppins did her duty and a bit later slender steel hit the deck. I had earlier pulled a rigger and put out a 300 copper with the tested and proven Orange Tux, while I’m performing gutting duty I hear the odd unfamiliar Penn reel drag screaming , by the time figure out what that odd noise is I see him on top of the water 300 ft. out beside the planer board. I goose the kicker and run out ahead to get it to drop back, then went to Idle and released a beautiful Heavy Mag Steel next to the boat. I decide to call it a day when the center rigger goes and right to the top ol Mr. Mag. Steel does a somersault with the bottom small lime slim spoon in its mouth. Another nice heavy steel let go boat side.  So I say one more pass through the scum line and sure enough slim lime spoon down the middle goes. Med. sized steel  up to the boat and dropped him while dealing with  fleas.  4 for 5. 1 teenager, 3 steel. Fleas were horrible.  I use the Bloodrun stuff and they still needed to be pulled every 20 min. Also had a break in at the Camp. This lil Rascal stole my bread out of my quest tent. post-147154-0-11171600-1438647418_thumb.jpgpost-147154-0-65520900-1438647462_thumb.jpgpost-147154-0-41814700-1438647507_thumb.jpgpost-147154-0-82564200-1438647532_thumb.jpgpost-147154-0-10376000-1438647315_thumb.jpg


29Jul. Ridiculous hot today. Started in 100FOW East and spent 3 hrs in 100-275FOW. Finally scored  Teen in 220FOW on the Bullfrog Pro E paddle and Atomik Ultr Green Glow fly. Then went biteless the rest of this Scorching day. Went out to 550 tried everything with no takers. Anchored up and went swimming to cool down when I hit shore.  1 for 1 Teen.


30 Jul. Bazooka Joe came to fish with me so I let him run the back of the boat calling all the shots, even running all of his tackle. We ran straight out to 400 FOW. Started bright out with a triple. 2 Steel and a Laker then a steady pick of Steels to include 3 nice Magnums. The seas were snotty but the fish were biting. Spoons off divers were hot as well as SDs/Flys. It was too nasty to run in so we trolled in and had steady action all the way in. Mostly Steels. To top it off we popped a nice Mature 90ft dwn in 134FOW on a SD/Fly , 10 for 15 or 16 for the day. 1teen, 1 laker, the rest steel.post-147154-0-46843600-1438647566_thumb.jpgpost-147154-0-96603600-1438647613_thumb.jpgpost-147154-0-62350700-1438647649_thumb.jpgpost-147154-0-64364000-1438647669_thumb.jpg


31Jul. My friend Kurt came up to fish. We started in 180 to set up with the wind back to our last fish mark from the day before. Just as we hit the mark the Port Mag. Diver on a 2 setting 160 baack goes and Kurt lands a nice teen on a NBK/ Hammer set up. We work the area for 2 hrs and nothing. Head out to 400 and add a 400 copper to the mix. Finally in 400 we start hitting Steels. Then  the port Diver goes off nd Kurt fights a nice 21lb Male Mature to the net. We make a circle and I swap out the 400 copper with  300 with FL Rainbow spoon on it at it takes off screaming. I fight it for about 5 min. and it comes unbuttoned. We decide to troll back to port because it was so nice out. As we are pulling lines in 150FOW t very low Idle, The center rigger goes with a NBK spoon on it and I fight  smaller Mature to the net about 15lb. We end up 7 for 9. 2 mature, 1 teen,  3 steel , 1 skippypost-147154-0-95052700-1438647703_thumb.jpgpost-147154-0-68407000-1438647811_thumb.jpg


01Aug. Very Snotty Seas today.  Didn’t dare go out to 400FOW. Went out and fished 130-180FOW Temp was mixed up but did manage 1 Mature in 150FOW on Bullfrog/Ultra Green Glow 75 down. Went 1 for 2. Other hit was on the Bullfrog as well. Went to camp and had some deer spiedies on the fire and celebrated the trip.post-147154-0-26199600-1438647835_thumb.jpgpost-147154-0-25350000-1438647874_thumb.jpgpost-147154-0-96989600-1438647902_thumb.jpg

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