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Tightline Scores -Pictures

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for posting scores Greg (good job at the recent A-TOM-MIK Invite). 


Tough fishing on the North Shore for this event and pre-fishing.  This was our first August Tight Line "King of King" event and we were blessed to win the largest purse Salmon tourney on the Great Lakes.

A big thank you to Big Jon Downriggers, Fish Hawk, Dreamweaver, A-Tom-Mik, Stealth Core and GAMMA lines for contributing to the win and for providing excellent and relable products.


We were fortunate enough to land 9 salmon on 15 bites (missed 5 big guys :( ) and weigh our best 6 which totaled just under 110 pounds.


Teams Yankee and Breakaway were right on our heels and congratulations to them also for going accross and figuring it out in short order.


Link to top 10 via King of KIngs site. 




Captain Pete

Vision Quest Sport Fishing

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