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Cayuga Public Service Anouncement


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They had a net right at the tip of Long Point this morning at 0600 that I didn't see until is was nearly on top of it. It was gone by noon but they really should use more than a red milk jug to mark them. With the smallest of chop it was tough to see out there

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Cayuga Lake Lake Trout netting – Sampling is underway to assess relative abundance, condition, and lamprey wounding rates of Lake Trout in Cayuga Lake. Data will be analyzed and summarized later this year but observations to date indicate that the Lake Trout population remains high, all trout and salmon caught appear to be in excellent condition, and very few fish have lamprey fresh scars.

Hope this helps and yes they had a small older looking trawler I think blue and white.They were out most of last week.

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